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May 05 2013


Why you should unlock your phones?

Phones, as we all know, usually come locked with respective cell service providers that sell them. But, before we proceed, we would like to know whether you have some knowledge regarding a locked phone and an unlocked one? For those that have no idea about terms like unlocking or an unlocked phone, let us begin by defining the term ‘unlocking’. Well, it basically means removing of restrictions whereby you break free from your cell provider company to use any SIM card that you have always wanted. You can unlock your mobile phone today by visiting FreeUnlocks.com for free unlock codes.

As users, you must unlock your phones to enjoy the hundreds of benefits that are not possible where your phones are locked and hamper you in every possible way. How would you like if your cell service provider was constantly bickering about the dos and don’ts and was curbing your freedom? It is obvious that none of you would like it. So, what’s the next course of action? Well, you get your phone unlocked today! There are a number of uses of getting your phones unlocked and are mentioned below:

•    No roaming charges! Yes, with an unlocked phone, be rest assured to smile all day long since travelling to international destinations has become easy with travelers not needing to pay high roaming costs to their network providers. Now, with an unlocked phone, you can use any SIM card of your choice. It could be the card of the country you are visiting. Hence, there is no more tension to pay through your nose for something that you can get so cheap! The unlocking process is not technical at all as it can be done by anyone as long as you have access to the internet. FreeUnlocks.com offers free unlock codes for all major brands of mobile phones.

•    Get more money when you sell your unlocked phone: many users search for unlocked phones when they are on a ‘phone shopping spree’ and most find their products listed with eBay where thousands sell their unlocked phones at relatively higher prices than the usual.

•    Choose and select the network provider of your liking: another use of an unlocked phone is its capability of working on any type of network connection that can be imagined by you. While, your locked phone could only be used with a particular cell service provider, an unlocked phone opens up many new frontiers and allows you access to a whole range of service providers that suit your needs and wants.

•    You can unlock your mobile phone with free unlock codes remotely. You only need to visit www.FreeUnlocks.com with the brand name of your mobile phone and its IMEI code.

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